A trip around the globe ( at Kew)

A visit to Kew Gardens is a world tour of plants . We started at the temperate house and moved on to the steamy palm house. The princess of Wales house moves through arid zones and back into lush vegetation.

The areas outside the glasshouses are full of brilliant discoveries . I found my favourite Indian bean tree

The Alpine house sits in a huge rockery area and is an interesting shape and full of beautiful colourful and delicate flowers.

The cacti are fascinating in the Princess of Wales glasshouse.

We visited the hive sculpture for the first time. This is based on bees and their hive and has lights and sound. The sound is generated by the movements of bees in a real hive. This was brilliant , at night it glows. I would love to visit again and see this.

We had a full day at Kew but really only scratched the surface . It has largest plant collection in the world. Here is a selection of discoveries . We will be visiting again soon.

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