Autumn walks ( damp)

Most days for the past couple of weeks have included rain. There has been misty, drizzle and down pour varieties . The outcome has been very damp walking. The lakes are high and the river is running fast. The light has been mainly dull but there are some bright colours in the changing leaves and berries.

There have been plenty of slugs and snails taking full advantage of the damp weather and my ducks who live in our garden have been enjoying the rain so much they seem to rain bathe !

The colours are gradually changing and looking lovely especially in the early morning or the evening sun.

The garden still has some colour but it feels as now is time to prepare for winter and trim and set for next year. It has been a fantastic year of gardening. Time to plan for 2021.

A couple of days ago a goldfinch flew into the french windows. It looked dead but after a warm up and ten minutes sitting in my hand happily flew off with its flock. An amazing close encounter with a beautiful tiny creature.

Hoping for less rain in the coming weeks to spend more time out exploring as Autumn move on.

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