Wonderful Wicken

Wicken Fen is a national nature reserve and has been owned by the National trust from 1899. There have been 9000 species recorded at this amazing place,

We visited in amazing Sunshine on Sunday afternoon and were treated to beautiful flowers , dragonflies, Damselflies and birds.

The wild flowers appeared in swaths as we walked through the boardwalks and mowed paths.

First yellow flags-

Next ragged robin in amongst short rushes –

Orchids came next,first the odd one or two followed by beautiful drifts

The reeds, sedges and grasses create a wonderful landscape

The dragonflies and damsels did not disappoint the photos are all on my phone so not as sharp as I hoped as they were so busy hunting ,flying or mating !

There were four spot chasers , blue bodied chasers,Emperor dragon flies, small red Damselfly, azure and blue tailed damselflies .

After watching and trying to photograph unsuccessfully we noticed that when the dragonflies rested they seemed to choose the same reed rather like a watch post ( as in the photo above)

Cuckoos were calling and we saw one fly which was unusual and the first time I had seen it. we saw warblers and learnt to distinguish by song the Cettis warbler.

The open water areas were literally teeming with fish , great identification boards around , there was a pike in the weeds very still either watching the shoals or too full up to bother!

Wicken Fen is a brilliant place to visit great trails wonderful wildlife and great local ice cream. Definitely will visit again this summer and Autumn.

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