Wonderful Road verges

As you drive around you may notice that the verges are a riot of colour at the moment full of cow parsley,hogweed, red campion and dog Rose to name a few . A few weeks ago there were drifts of cowslips. These look beautiful but also provide corridors of habitats for insects birds and small mammals . Plantlife have a campaign to encourage the management of these verges to discourage constant mowing and habitat destruction. They have a petition to sign and is a great cause to support.

A good example of how these areas of land can surprise you with diversity is my experience last June. Coming down the slip road off the busy A45 something caught my eye. I even drove around the roundabout stopped in the kfc car park and made my way to the verges .

There were groups of beautiful bee orchids and other flowers . The area was alive with insects. This year it has been mowed to an extreme short cut and it is barren ! Which would you prefer?

One thought on “Wonderful Road verges

  1. Are orchids bulbs ? There are always a few on the verge on the way to Chepstow,but we noticed last week that this has also been mowed this year,does that mean that the orchids have had it ?


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