Bulrush veiwpoint

Bulrush ( Typha latifolia) is a common sight on a walk around rivers and lakes.

I found out something interesting today :-the brown cigar shaped flower known as a spadix is made up of the female part which is brown and then on closer inspection a straw coloured part at the top which is the male part and grows continuous from the female. These are actually made up of closely packed tiny flowers surrounded by hairs . It is really obvious in the photo below I’m surprised I haven’t noticed it before.In the Autumn the seed heads break up and fluffy seeds are dispersed on the wind .

These spikes offer a great place to perch or rest which is what the Damselflies were doing.

The bulrush has not been used for much in Britain but in North America the Paiute Indians based their economy on this species. The pollen was used for flour the stems and leaves were used to make boats.

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