Goslings behind Carlsberg

Yesterday I walked a new path through Northampton following the river through the park where the water was almost pond like( this must be a channel separate from the Nene) This water was teeming with fish . Further on the path skirted some locks and the main river appeared and we walked behind the Carlsberg brewery ( which is huge) there was a definite undertone of hops in the air !

There were lots of swans on the river here but also this Greylag goose (Anser anser) and six goslings and a Canada goose all part of same family. Canada geese and grey lag geese interbreed .

In Scotland the wintering flocks of grey lag geese are really wild and not cross bred.

These geese were lovely to watch, they moved about the river in an organised line an adult at each end rather like a fluffy flotilla. When the saw us the quickly changed direction and also charged towards us, I think they must get some lunchtime feeding from people on their breaks .

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