A morning stroll on the beach.

This lovely little beach at Pointe St Gilles in Benodet,Brittany is brilliant. Each walk along it has something new to find. I love the pebbles , lots of granites and quartz and loads of seaweeds and interesting parts of seaweeds and bryozoans.

This green crab was arranged in the sand rather like a portrait.

Limpets cover the faults in the honey coloured rocks . These rocks are very rough to walk on , nearly impossible .

Just as I was leaving the beach this Egret caught my eye, it was fishing in the rock pools.

I noticed from this next photo that the Egret has yellow feet! I really like these birds, I first saw them when we were living in Minnesota. Recently I have seen one in Portsmouth and several at home in Rushden , reading about them it seems That they have been in Britain for the last ten years .

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