Egrets Galore

We do see Egrets here in Rushden, at the lakes. They are always a white smudge , annoyingly just out of range for detail. Brittany has proved to be a perfect spot for Egret watching.

These are Little Egrets which have the most lovely Latin name – Egretta garzetta , sound like the start of a poem !

They have been frequent visitors along the rock pools. This has allowed time to watch their behaviour and movements. Their yellow feet are obvious as they carefully lift and place them down hunting for fish.

This Egret was standing next to the fortified walls in Concarneau at low tide and seemed to tiptoe through the weed and feast on small fish.

Using these mounds of seaweed as vantage points proved very successful.

On the rocks along the beach the Egrets were exploring rock pools.

On the return ferry trip sitting on deck a Egret flew along the waters surface almost skimming it back towards France and landed and bobbed about. These graceful birds definitely made an impression this holiday.

The RSPB website has some good images to identify this Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)

Here are the key facts about the Little Egret in Britain:-

Key information

The little egret is a small white heron with attractive white plumes on crest, back and chest, black legs and bill and yellow feet. It first appeared in the UK in significant numbers in 1989 and first bred in Dorset in 1996. Its colonization followed naturally from a range expansion into western and northern France in previous decades. It is now at home on numerous south coast sites, both as a breeding species and as a winter visitor.


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