A Treasure Trove of Nature

The Oxford museum of Natural History is a fantastic place to visit, it is a beautiful building bursting with incredible displays. Today, a wet cold October day it was a perfect place to be. The museum was opened in 1860 and is a Neo-Gothic masterpiece using iron and glass to create a temple to science.

A walk around the galleries takes you through geological history , evolution and classification of plants and animals. These stories are told through the specimens displayed and the carvings and statues in the building. The columns are made of labelled British stones , the carvings at the column tops depict plant groups. The wrought iron becomes palms and flowers and famous scientists stand as statues gazing across the hall.

I have put together a short tour of a fraction of the exhibits. This is a definite must visit destination.

The skeleton of the blue fin Tuna.

The Skelton of a giraffe

Beautiful column carvings

Beetles and bugs galore

Tremendous Trilobites

The building

This was a tiny taster of the wonders of this museum , there is so much to see , definitely a trip to take.

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