Offa’s Dyke End

I have been exploring at the Chepstow end of the Dyke out for a fossiling trip, also found fantastic woods and fields, cows and reeds.

Offa’s Dyke was Built at the command of the eighth-century king of Mercia, Offa’s Dyke is today Britain’s longest ancient monument, following the border between England and Wales. The long distance path along the Dyke runs for 176 miles, I walked a short mile and a half along it to the fossil beach but it has left me wanting to explore this ancient monument, it would be brilliant to walk its entire length ( maybe next summer)This year I have done the walk a 1000 miles challenge and now have completed 1300 miles so this Dyke May be the next step !!

The section that I walked had wonderful sweeping fields and woods and was home to some super cows !

The section of path was on a definite ridge with a ditch with fantastic holly and mistletoe along the route.

At the bottom of this slope stunted trees bent from the weather created an ancient atmospheric woodland, even though the trees were quite small.

Following the path took you into a complete change of habitat , to the banks of the Severn. The reeds were brilliant .

This was a walk only short in distance but travelled from from pasture though hedgerows and woodland to estuary muds and reed beds . Definitely a great place to explore steeped in history and packed with nature.

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