Mud and Fossils

Right on the banks of the River Severn in the shadow of the bridge there are brilliant fossils to discover and plenty of squishy mud.

These cliff are opposite the famous cliffs at Aust where I went earlier in the year. They are at the end point of Offa’sDyke, 168miles across Wales.

The mud is interesting and home to interesting birds and plants but the stars of the show are the fossils.

The rocks that are full of fossils here are from the Lower Lias.

The rocks from the lower Lias are Jurassic and Triassic in age they are limestones, mudstones and siltstones , 200 million years old !!

There are a large number of ammonites to be found some very flat and others well preserved with calcite crystals. There are also large numbers of bivalves and a large range in species and sizes. Crinoid discs and stacks of stems can be found in the gravel areas ( I really struggled to see these tiny star shaped finds as they were very small )

Here are some fossil finds :

This is a great fossiling outing especially if you haven’t been fossiling before you will definitely find something great 😀

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