Waterproof Leaves!

Forget Gortex, stitch together some leaves for a waterproof jacket this Autumn.

This Oak leaf may be finished with by the tree but it still retains its waterproof qualities.

Leaves are amazing organs of food production, photosynthesis factories . The internal structure of a leaf is organised and interesting .

The surfaces of the leaf has waxy cuticles , this is to prevent water loss but also makes the leaf ‘ waterproof ‘ ideal for that rain coat , hat, umbrella or even the roof of a shelter.

The leaves of the lotus flower are superhydrophobic. The water rolls off in droplets but also carries with it any particles of dust or dirt and is self cleaning.

The reason why it is so water repellant is that the upper surface is covered in wax tubules this structure makes it superhydrophobic


These succulents at Canons Ashby yesterday looked really super with their miniature swimming pools in the leaf whorls.

Leaves are worth a closer look , they are around us everywhere,usually we don’t give them a second thought. They will be making a colourful statement over the next few weeks so let’s enjoy them .

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