A clamour of Rooks

The collective nouns listed for Rooks are ; a parliament, a building or a clamour. After watching the evening spectacle of roosting gathering I think clamour is the most descriptive.

The Rook (Corvus frugilegus) is a member of the crow family. They are very sociable birds, they often fly in pairs or large groups.

They feed on the ground eating earthworms, flies beetles small mammals caterpillars and a lot more.

They build their nests high up in big groups called rookerys, these can have up to a 1000 nests. They have one clutch of 3-5 green blue eggs. These nests are lined with soft materials such as sheep’s wool , moss and even deer hair.

The large groups of rooks like the noisy one I saw tonight can be 100’s or 1000’s strong. The rooks can travel up to 50 miles to return to the winter roosting site. These are really interesting and definitely vocal birds.It was a beautiful evening only needing a jumper for a 7pm walk .

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