Flying visit to NHM London

On a busy day to London we made a flying visit to the NHM in South Kensington. The weather was amazing, sunshine, blue skies and warmth on October the 10th !

This is an incredible building , a temple to nature. The carvings and mouldings are fantastic as are the grey and cream bricks.

Here are a few glimpses inside.

Enormous pyratised ammonite.

An extinct giant Irish Deer.

Exploring the mammal hall and being amazed again at the size of the blue whale.

The birds above are at a column base and the eagle head is in the outside of the building.

The entrance hall now has a blue whale skeleton hanging in it which is very dramatic. There are lots of new displays plus some old favourites that really need to be seen over and over. Today we particularly loved the cabinet if hummingbirds and their nests , they were unbelievable. The dinosaurs collected by Mary Anning in the 1800’s were impressive as was the skeleton of the giant ground sloth ( an old favourite)

This was a flying visit but brilliant as always.

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