Hark Hark the trees have bark !

A trip to Kenilworth castle in the cold wind today, the season definitely feels Autumn now, no more confusion with summer , it was nippy.

As the leaves are disappearing the tree architecture and structure comes to the fore. On this chilly day the trunks and their bark caught my attention.

The bark is so variable in texture , colour , and structure. Here is a tour of the castle grounds from the viewpoint of bark !

Here we go:-


Lots of crevices and cracks , rough and thick.


Smooth, grey very few cracks , lots of lichen.


Knobbly, softer than oak dusted with pale green lichen.


Grey semi smooth with very odd warty growths. This was a beautiful variegated holly.


Rough layered almost in scale , pinkish with green lichens.


Rough , softer almost ridged and channelled.

With a focus on one thing ( bark today) it’s amazing how much you begin to notice.

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