Singapore Safari

Yesterday we definitely needed our coats and we even resorted to wearing woolly hats. Nature Table Explorers Pat and Steve needed no such attire in tropical Singapore.

The photos they have posted have been so amazing I thought it would be great to take a Singapore Safari through some of them.

Singapore is a city Island state off southern Malaysia.The land area of Singapore is not one island but 63 !

The safari starts at the Singapore Botanic garden.

Opened in 1859 the botanic gardens house the national orchid garden which contains 1000’s of orchid species as well as thousands of other amazing plants.

Singapore is one of the worlds greenest cities. Half of Singapore’s land area 700 sq Km is under green cover. There are 2,100 species of vascular plant species in this area.

Amazing fact

Bukit Timah nature reserve contains more tree species in one hectare than the total number of tree species found in North America.

There are 300 species of birds.

The heron below seems to be dealing well with the large fish. It’s eyes are not bigger than its stomach !

The number of species are amazing :-

80 species of mammals

110 species of reptiles/amphibians

600 species of fresh water fish.

Back to the safari…

Crocodiles and lizards

And amphibians

This small safari is a glimpse of the flora and fauna of this amazing place.

Thanks to nature table explorers Pat and Steve for sharing these brilliant photos.

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