On the Bullfinch trail

After the close encounter with the pair of Bullfinches with no camera I decided to return , with camera ( just phone) in full working order.

The weather was heavy with the feel and sounds of spring and no coat was needed ( I love these days)

Within 10 minutes I couldn’t believe it I had spotted a pair of Bullfinches , they were flitting along the small trees on the lake shore line. Phone at the ready , hiding behind a tree took the shot . A lesson to learn – these birds are small , fast and change direction quickly !!

The photo shows no Bullfinch but believe me they were there ! Next lesson bring proper camera on walk looking for Bullfinches.

Birds that are much easier to capture on a phone are the swans and today there were a huge number on the first lake .

The trees are beginning to break bud , pussy willow was looking glossy against the blue sky and Alder catkins were looking beautiful with a golden glow to them in the sun.

There are some really interesting habitats at Rushden lakes , I particularly like the meadows which in the summer were full of flowers, insects including butterflies and clouds of damsel and dragonflies. This is a wet meadow area . If you walk here the new cinema complex is looming over you but with it to your back it’s as if the development isn’t there. The meadows are fantastic and at the moment very wet. The photos show that the habitat could be in a wild place but is in fact right next to people’s activities. It’s good to see two things working along side each other.

This is a place I will visit throughout the year, nearly daily and each time I visit I find something new to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “On the Bullfinch trail

  1. Thrilled to see the pussy willow,first I’ve seen this year. Don’t give up on getting a picture of those bull finches,they obviously think it is a game !

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