Return to Holkham

It didn’t take long until I was drawn back to the fantastic Holkham Beach .. only eight days.

The pine woods behind the dunes are a great place to explore and a super place to look out to the sea.

Walking through the woods it is very quiet just a few crunching cones beneath your feet.

On this return visit I couldn’t resist being barefoot on the sand and wading out into the sea, not too chilly!! I love the way the texture and surface of the sand changes across the beach, crunchy shells, firm ripples spongy soft and completely hard and flat.

Paddling in the shallows I followed some fantastic little energetic birds called Sanderlings, these birds are usually in small flocks , they run at speed following the waves in and out.

The beach had areas of shells,the number of whelks is really high and they look fantastic in the sand , like a decoration.

This visit to Holkham was full of wonderful birds , the sanderlings on the shore and the geese and others in the wetlands/ marshes.

The Brent Geese were in a large flock and were very noisy eating and often arguing with each other. They were great to see.

There were a lot of photographers out looking at the flocks.I was amazed by the size of the lenses a lot of them had, they were huge!! I did have my proper camera but was definitely a few leagues down !!

These Brent geese were very interesting to watch their behaviour.

The other birds in high numbers were Widgeon which are very attractive and again very interesting to watch.

The first photo gives an idea of the number of birds. There are males ( with the ginger heads) and females.

Another bird feeding on these wetland along with the Widgeon is a favourite of mine , the Oyster catcher.

What these photos can’t show is the constant moving in and out of large numbers of birds and the sounds which they constantly make which are varied and wonderful.

There is so much to see and discover and enjoy at Holkham I’ll be back very soon !

There’s so much to see !!

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