On the Otter Trail

We really want to see Otters and we have been told that they are active along the river near to the house. Tonight we set out on an Otter spotting adventure.

The sun was going down and we very quiet, no talking allowed when we started our river walk.

A heron flew over, in fact four flew over through the walk.

A Cormorant flew by.

Great Crested Grebes swam by. There was no sign of any otters.

The evening light was beautiful as we came to the lakes.

Our of the corner of my eye a flash of creamy yellow which on closer inspection turned out to be a whole clearing covered in Primroses.

Periwinkles were almost glowing in the dusk light.

As we left the river a pack or herd ( not sure of the correct term) of Alpacas watched us with great interest as we wandered along the opposite bank.

Back along the lake side coots were flapping across the water, Moorhens were walking over rafts of reeds off to roost.

On the final part of the walk we met the cattle in their favourite spot.

Nature Table Explorer Tim had one last look , still no Otters . We will be back !

One thought on “On the Otter Trail

  1. Keep looking,I’m sure with perseverance you will soon see one. If not you’ll have to combine the otter hunt with a spot the boat hunt in the Forest of Dean !!

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