Post 300- Devon Delights

This is the 300th post on NTX it’s been great and keeps getting better , we have been exploring more and discovering more .

In the photo above we are an exploring party out on Blackpool Sands near Dartmouth in Devon. The name is deceptive, there is no sand but there is a beach full of tiny , perfectly smooth pebbles/shingle . Each one telling a geological tale .

There are some great rock outcrops along the shore and some cliffs to explore.

Nature Table Explorer Rowan enjoyed the rocks discovering rock pools with limpets, sea anemones and seaweeds.

The limpets were particularly good on these sheets of rock, I think that are Devonian schist and slates.

The layers in the rock weather to give large flat smooth edges and rock pages at the edges. There were a lot of flat pebbles perfect for skimming on the beach or for building ancient ruins !!

I do like to look at geology maps , here is one of Devon , I’ve marked where we were.

The Cliffs were covered in white coloured Sea Campion .

This plant (Silene uniflora) has some interesting common names, ‘dead mans bells ‘ ‘ witches thimbles’ and ‘devil’s hat ties’ all of them seem like dark names and it is such a pretty and light plant .

Another coastal plant that I really like is sea thrift and this was also growing on these tumbled down rock slabs.

I was fascinated by the tiny pebbles if you rubbed them with your thumb they took on a shine. I’ve put a penny in this picture to show the scale of these tiny varied beauties.This is a super beach to visit and explore . It is £5 to park there are toilets and shower facilities. There is also a nice place to sit and have a coffee and enjoy the fantastic views.

2 thoughts on “Post 300- Devon Delights

  1. This really is a wonderful beach,and you and your explorers found so many.beautiful things there.The tiny pebbles are so varied and interesting,and I love how varied the limpets are.

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