Willows in the wind

The seeds from the willows are blowing in the wind. They are attached to plants, trunks and leaves.

The seeds are forming a floating layer on the river too.

The amount of seeds is amazing , the dispersal by the wind is obviously successful.

The sun was out and there were a few tiny damselflies flitting about. For scale you can see how delicate they are sitting on my finger. I am looking forward to spotting damselflies and dragonflies over the next months.

The birdsong is so vibrant and loud as you walk through the wooded and hedge lined path but the singers themselves are very hard to spot.This is a path we often explore it runs parallel to the river. The small lake looked lovely in the sun .

The number of wildflowers continues to increase with every walk.

Even in the short grass creeping plants with small lovely flowers are common. This is Musk Stork’s-bill. It is covered in long hairs and has a strong musk scent.

We have been busy in the garden putting in a wildlife pond. The digging and now the liner is in. Tomorrow we are off to find plants and we are really excited to watch it develop.

Really hoping that in the summer a damsel fly or two might discover the pond , fingers crossed .

3 thoughts on “Willows in the wind

  1. Lovely post!I My son and I built a small garden pond a few years ago, and within a short span of time we had damselflies breeding in it amongst other amazing insects and other creatures. This year we have had our first tadpoles appear! Nature always finds a way, so I hope you enjoy your pond!

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