A little Mediterranean in the Midlands

It has been warm, even hot today . A trip to the Olive nursery in Northamptonshire was like a wander in Greece.

This hot Mediterranean feel was further added to by the appearance of a common lizard basking in the sun in the gravel under an olive tree.

The lizard ran between the wonderful trees.It was extremely quick.

This little lizard has a lifespan of 5-6 years. It is protected by the wildlife and countryside Act 1981.

An interesting fact about the skittish reptile is that it incubates it’s eggs inside of its body and the ‘gives birth’ to live young.They mate in April/May and have 3-11 young in July.

There are three lizards native to the UK they are

Common lizard

Sand lizard


The common lizard is the only reptile native to Ireland.

A fantastic encounter with a brilliant little lizard in sunny Northamptonshire.

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