English rainforest (back garden)

We have been trying to increase the number of insects in the garden. This year we have put in a pond which is already full of life. The garden although small has 27 different trees and we are developing s definite English rainforest feel with layers of cover. The canopy comes from divided beech, hazel and greengages to list a few. The understory is roses and figs and syringa. The lower layer, foxgloves, ferns, hosta and species geranium. It’s amazing what can grow in a small space!

We have been rewarded with , bees,hoverflies, Holly Blue butterflies and birds galore enjoying the Perches, nest sites and cover. There are nesting sparrows, blackbirds, collared doves, pigeons and blue tits.

This year we have planted an area in the front garden as a mini orchard again with layers underneath of flowers!and fruit.We have tried the wildflower mix that you sprinkle, this seems to have worked and hopefully in a few more weeks will be an insect paradise.

Sitting in this wildlife rich garden is a delight and always interesting. Making changes to gardens, planting a tree, making a pond or sprinkling some wildflower seeds makes a huge difference . Imagine all the gardens from a sparrows eye view below, it would be an incredible patchwork habitat bust with wildlife.

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