Planting flowers for moths

We have been planting plants this year specifically to attract more insects including moths.

I have planted lots of nicotiana ( tobacco plants) I have grown the tall Nicotiana sylvestris but have just read that the tubes are too long for most native moths apart from hummingbird hawk moths and the immigrant convolvulus hawk moth. Hopefully some of these will find these amazing flowers.

In the garden we also have Buddleia and the tall Verbena bonariensis plants that offer nectar for moths.

Here is a list to attract moths to your garden as well as other insects.

  • Honeysuckle
  • Campions
  • Pinks (dianthus species)
  • Sweet Williams
  • Evening primrose
  • Hebe
  • Clematis
  • Hemp agrimony

The convolvulus hawk moth (Agrius convolvuli) is a migrant to Britain. It cannot overwinter in this country but is often found in large numbers in the south and east of Britain and has been found in the Shetland isles. It is a night flyer with a very long proboscis so can reach the nectar in the nicotiana flowers. In the day it rests on surfaces such as walls and trees. The larvae feed on convolvulus .

I hope this migrant will find its way to my front garden and the wonderful Nicotiana sylvestris.

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