Bank voles and brambles

It’s rather warm but no sun it’s close and heavy. A walk was needed after working hard in the garden.

The brambles are loaded with blackberries , people are already picking. I think that some blackberry jelly should be made this year the berries are huge.

These blackberries are just around the corner from my house by the post box.At the bottom of the hill they are amazing. Each year people turn up with step ladders and containers and set to work on this blackberry bonanza.

Further on on this walk a small furry creature darted our in front of us. Standing watching it continues this in and out behaviour for 4 more sorties. It was a bank vole.The photo is not very good it seemed to be in constant motion.

Bank voles are food for lots of predators and are on the first step of many food chains. The bank vole has this chestnut colour whereas the field vole is more sandy coloured.

The brambles made a great hiding place for the vole , hopefully it feasted on blackberries for pudding !!

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