All about yellow

Back at beautiful Batsford Arboretum today . The trees were stunning , this Beech tree was amazing so straight and extremely tall .

I love the shade and feel of walking under Beech trees , the crunching of the Beech nuts underfoot and the soft green light from the canopy.

It was all about the yellow as far as the insects were concerned today. Planted down the steep slope on the opposite bank to the stream are large areas of this bright yellow flower. It is tall with hundreds of large Daisy like flowers which are insect magnets.

There were large numbers of honey bees and bumble bees. Some of the bumble bees were huge and you wonder how they actually fly !

Butterflies were flitting and landing on these golden platforms . Red Admirals were common.

And plenty of meadow browns.

These yellow banks were where last year I spotted a hummingbird hawk moth but none today .

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