After the rain

Thursday night dropped plenty of heavy rain and waking up the sky was grey and the air damp . We decided that although it threatened more a walk was in order.

Raincoats packed and proper shoes laced up off we set. On arrival at the lakes the sky was blue , the air warm and coats were abandoned.

The rain has perked up the trees and plants and everywhere was looking fresh.

In a ten pace stretch there were 10 or more slugs gliding across the paths repeated around the whole loop.

The lakes look full and clear , the mats of weeds are far less, the vegetation along the banks is lush and buzzing with life.

The swans have made a highway through some weed and were gathered together , the swan with the damaged wing we have watched for over a year seems healthy and fine

I love the snails especially after a rainy night they are everywhere, up trees , on fences, up plant stems , on every surface.

I thought these two were deep in conversation about the day !

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