Magazine stories

I have had a great two weeks promoting Issue 1 of Explorations the magazine of Nature Table Explorer.Firstly through a talk to the inner wheel which was really enjoyable . The second event was a stand at a local Waitrose which helped to make lots of connections and give me new ideas. I was helped on this stand by two enthusiastic friends who were great.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Explorations it is available via PayPal at for £5.20 which includes postage in the UK,email for charges further afield .

I am gathering articles for issue 2 at the moment and I am always looking for articles, photos or ideas. Please send any of these to

In Issue 2 there will be a new feature of a readers page for letters, questions and finds. Please become part of the project, spread the word about our wonderful world and remember ….EXPLORE MORE !

A sneak peek of Issue two in its early stages

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