Robin encounter

I had an up close and personal encounter yesterday with a robin.

As I was sat having a cup of coffee the robin came to investigate what I was doing( hoping I expect for some crumbs)

I only had coffee but the bird remained for five minutes gradually closing in. I think if I had offered crumbs it would have happily hopped on my hand.

The average lifespan of the robin is only 13 months , if they survive past this they can live a lot longer.

Robins hold a special place , they seem so tame especially when digging in the garden or as yesterday when there may be some crumbs in offer. Their song is often the first heard in the morning and late in the afternoon. It is easy to imagine that these friendly birds as characters , I loved the blackberry farm series as a child and postman Joe was a robin who I loved!

3 thoughts on “Robin encounter

  1. Your story reminds me about a colleague at work in Bletchley who encouraged all sorts of birds to share his lunch and many ate from his hand. Next time you see this Robin, suggest he takes a comb to his red breast, which looks as though it has been through the hedge!

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