Rain and more rain

It has felt unusual to put on my waterproof, I can’t remember the last time it had a trip out!

Some of the rain over the last few days has been spectacular, noisy and refreshing. The garden has a new lease of life and has re-greened at the end of it’s growing year.

The spiders webs were hung with jewels and weighed down by these water gems.

In the garden berries became elongated and varnished with the downpours , making them shine and catch the eye.

The fig tree seemed to soak up the moisture and it perked up the olives.

The olive tree is covered in a huge crop this year but alas we don’t get enough sun for them to ripen.

Water sits on the surface of leaves and plants in different ways, the waxy or sometimes hairy stem and leaf surfaces hold the water in droplets.

This spider web was attached to the gutter by the front door, amazingly it was stabilised by two long silk threads rather like guy ropes which were about three metres long. They are amazing engineers, the rain certainly doesn’t stop play for them.

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