Windy walk on the edge

We ventured out to Potton in Bedfordshire to walk on a Sandy ridge ( just outside if Sandy infact)

This is the HQ if the RSPB and is a super place to explore with pines and birches along undulating paths. Because the soil is so sandy the paths are non muddy.

NTX’s John and Michelle has been here a couple of weeks ago and there were lots of fungi and slime moulds around. There were some today but not so many.

A winter walk focuses the eyes on different colours and sights. This tree stump caught my eye because the lichen was such an interesting blue green.

There were plenty of lichens to discover , whole floor areas we’re covered in this grey green species forming a carpet.

As you stroll through areas in the winter you start to notice lichen and moss more and the numbers of plants and the variety of species is huge.

Today has been very blustery but the skies have been bright blue and the temperature very mild. The trees look spectacular against the blue backdrop even the stumps.

This area of birch was very attractive with braken dying down beneath them.

Colour wise some of the mosses were amazingly emerald and striking.

Back to the fungi , here’s a few we saw today;

Other discoveries included plenty of galls on the oak leaves.

This is a super place to walk, there are fantastic trees, cliffs and plenty of bird life . In the summer the wildflowers and insects add to the visit.

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