21st December Batsford

The day before the winter solstice, the shortest day.This year the shortest day will be December 22nd and then we will begin the climb back into more light and longer days.

Strangely it wasn’t raining, it was mild and I didn’t even need my coat for a walk at Batsford Arboretum.

I was expecting to see some great berries and seed heads but was surprised to find flowers as well.

The hydrangea at the top was one of a few in each patch which looked bright and fresh, most had turned brown and wilted. The bright yellow water marigold was in the middle of the big pool and seems to have its clock wrong!

Water was rushing down the stream and waterfalls today, there has been so much rain.

Berries were certainly out in force and in all shades.

I loved the dried shells of seed heads. The structure of these seed shakers is fascinating.

Water was not only rushing down the hillside it was also clinging to some of the trees and leaves.

At the end of each pine needle there was a perfect drop of water, decorating the tree.

Most of the autumn leaves carpeting the ground are losing their colours and starting to break down. It’s always worth looking under trees, this beautiful cone was lying in a carpet of leaves.

Mahonia was in flower and also had some stunning leaf colours.

Not a typical December day, it was very mild and damp. Trees at the arboretum are covered in buds ready for spring, there are sharp leaves of bulbs pushing though ready for the change of the season. Catkins are tightly packed and ready for action as the old year ends and we move into a new decade!

Every visit to Batsford is full of new discoveries.

2 thoughts on “21st December Batsford

  1. Rachel this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Also, the new edition of Exploration is fantastic and so big! Congratulations,

    I know you will have a great, fun filled Christmas with your lovely family and wish you all a very Happy New Year


    Annie xxx

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