Water World

A lake at Rushden Northants. The trees to the right edge have a heronry in and it is fascinating to watch the comings and going’s of the birds.

Sunday was bright and dry and skies were blue. The woods and meadow areas were however transformed into watery worlds by the rain of the past three weeks.

Ducks were swimming through these flooded woods , exploring new areas.

The River Nene flows behind these gravel pit lakes and it has burst it’s banks and created new wet areas. Herons are standing in them as well as the coots and moorhens and ducks.

The swollen river to the back of this photo and the normally dry scrub land now mini lakes.

This was a bright day and a noisy walk, the birds were busy and very vocal. Standing in a wooded area right next to a lake a flock of goldfinches were incredibly loud . There were great tits , blue tits and long tailed tits in large numbers as well. I like this small wooded area it always has something interesting to discover.

Right at the waters edge
An area full of birds .

The tree tops looked fantastic against the sky and buds are beginning to burst open. Pussy willow is appearing along the paths.

I love these blue skies

It’s great to spend more time outdoors not wrapped up in a waterproof, hat, gloves etc let’s hope that spring will sweep in soon.

Tim listening to the incredibly loud birds and trying to spot them in this watery wood.

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