Tea in the garden !

It is warm and sunny , I am sitting in the sun in the garden drinking tea, next door are mowing their grass and the birds are singing noisily. As Pa Larkin would say ‘perfick’! In fact HE Bates who created Pa Larkin in The Darling Buds if May books lived here in Rushden .

The bird feeders are busy with flocks of squabbling sparrows, I sometimes think our garden is a sparrow meeting point. They are amusing to watch .There are great tits, blue tits and chaffinches in the trees and red kites floating above us. The number of red kites has increased , we often have them flying and soaring over the garden. Driving down into town earlier there were three together .

Our chickens are enjoying the better weather and are looking healthy and inquisitive and busy eating any insects or worms they can discover.They are not roaming in the whole garden now as they are fond of digging up the spring bulbs!

This white chicken is called Olivia and she likes to climb and sit in the trees and enjoy the view !

There are not many insects in the garden this afternoon apart from some tiny flies and a huge bumble bee visiting the hellebores. I’m on the look out for butterflies and always like to see the brimstone in these early spring months.

The pond which we created last year looks good but needs leaves taken out of it and some of the plants cut back. I’m hoping that this year it will attract some dragon and damselflies.

These early spring days are brilliant as everything starts to grow again . Hoping for birds to nest or bumble bees to take up home in the terracotta house.

Spring is definitely marching forward.

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