A short walk from home

The rhythm of the day has changed so much with the lockdown, it has slowed down and made things more noticeable. The garden is a source of discovery and I have been spending as much time as possible out there planting, weeding and exploring.

Each day we are walking to either our local park or pocket park with the dog. Tonight we saw a muntjac deer hop into the blackthorn hedges. There were lots of rabbits and birds. The sky was a bright blue and sparrows and blue tits were sailing through it in groups .

We came across a huge tree that had been felled and left as a pile of enormous logs.

A walk through a small green space into the local park was rewarded with a show of celandines shining in the sun. The ditches along the hedge were full of them.

These small green spaces are surprisingly full of wildlife and wild flowers . I will be spending time exploring these everyday areas over the next few weeks when doing our daily exercise in this difficult time. Stay safe.

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