Exercise walk Discoveries.1.

These have been strange weeks , exploring has been curtailed and I am afraid I haven’t posted for a while. Apologies for that lack of posts. I have decided that the exercise walks will feature for these unusual times.

Walking from the house has led us to try out different footpaths and routes normally not taken looking for new views and finds.

A walk just like this on Monday was really lovely, not far from home turning right instead of left led to some fields hedges and a stream.

Spring is in full fling and there is lots to see and wonder at.

Arum maculatum also known as lord and ladies or jack in the pulpit is a favourite hedgerow and woodland spring plant. The red berries are very noticeable later in the year.

White dead nettles are really attractive plants, bees love As their name suggests they are without the sting of nettles.

Other flowers on this walk were celandines, ground ivy and hedge garlic.

Celendines carpeting the hedges
Ground ivy
Hedge garlic also known as jack by the hedge and garlic mustard.

This was a interesting walk starting on a very narrow tarmac lane then onto a bridle way and then following a bendy stream with really soft tall banks along field edges .

Along the banks of this water am were some huge willow trees and some had cracked and split forming sculptures with their fantastic shapes.

This was literally a wonderful breath of fresh air, fantastic spring air. Nature is moving on through the year and noticing it as the changes are happening is a wonderful thing, even more in this difficult time.

Take care and stay safe.

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