After the Rain, exercise stroll.2.

The garden was in need of rain and down it came. After it was clear we dashed out for our exercise walk for the day. The field that a week ago had been brown soil was greening fast and the rain seems to have pushed it into fast forward.

This walk skirts the edge of this huge field following a hedge at the back of houses. The hedges are full of noisy birds flitting in and out as you walk by. The grassy verges are now starting to flower with frothy cow parsley , delicate and very pretty.

Above this the hawthorn is beginning to flower and bees were busy on this as the sun started to come out. The weather was surprisingly warm and we quickly removed coats.

Along this hedge there a a few Apple trees and the blossom is absolutely beautiful. The Apple trees in our garden are absolutely smothered in blossom this year too.

This was definitely a walk heavy with scent from blossom and flowers.

Being out in the Spring lifts the spirits and these exercise walks are a favourite part of the day .

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