White wood walk

Our Exercise walk today took us on a new route exploring local footpaths never trodden by us before.

We walked through a long skinny copse that was white with cow parsley and Hawthorn blossom . The effect was stunning, like walking through a painting.

Cow parsley has a strong scent when there is a lot in an area and this wood was definitely scented !

Exploring local footpaths has been really interesting , on this walk we came across a small area of willows and a stream in a field , as we walked near an egret took off from the steam and flew ahead of us. The path followed the railway line for a while and wild flowers were growing on the stony embankments , I loved the forget me nots and white campions.

While trekking around a field I found a great fossil bivalve. It is Jurassic in age from 170-152 million years old. I love finding fossils, this was only discovered because I moved off the path in a bit of social distancing for a cyclist !

This walk has sent us home with ideas of exploring in other directions from the house. We have looked online at footpath maps and on Friday hope to walk to a bluebell wood ! Fingers crossed. This was an interesting stroll full of delicate cow parsley and flowers.

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