Out in the woods

A twelve minute drive to some woods for a walk at last. The bluebells have finished with only a few pale flowers still intact. However the wood was full of Stitchwort which is bright and lovely in its own way. Underfoot the celandine leaves have turned yellow and the primrose leaves are putting on a growth spurt.

This woodland at the top of a slope is full of tall oaks that give way to areas of coppice and wet pools. There is plenty to see and the light is fantastic .

Tall oaks
Coppiced area which is surrounded by a ditch , much wetter area of the wood.

In this wetter area even though the bluebells are finished there are large areas of colour.

This is a long stretch of woodland but it is narrow and it is only a short walk out into fields that at the moment are filled with buttercups.

This field was also full of forget me nots and plenty of vetch.

Coming back down the hill from the wood the field was full of Peacock butterflies ( to quick for me to catch a photo) The horse chestnut trees are in flower and look spectacular.

At the bottom of this field ( which is huge) you walk over a small wooden bridge and follow a lovely stream.

It feels great to be out exploring again.

2 thoughts on “Out in the woods

  1. Thanks so much for this, especially the beautiful buttercup field. I am surprised that I am quite happy staying inside and have plenty of things to do to stop me getting bored. However, the view from my window is houses and sky with just one distant tree so your photos really do make my day.


    Annie xxx

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