Greenway wander

Not far from home , only 10 minutes in the car there is an area of woodland and a greenway to explore. We have often walked down this route but today we followed it much further. We have discovered over the last few weeks just how many footpaths and routes there are. We have been using a website that maps all of them which is a real eye opener.

This wide greenway is bordered by tall oaks and Ash trees . Many of the ash trees are dying or dead. On one side there are fields and on the other a damp wood which must have been a carpet of bluebells a few weeks ago. There is a small bridge into this wood, the midges and mosquitos were so thick we didn’t venture in , instead stayed on the sunny ride.

The hedges are full of dog roses as you wander along and there were surprisingly some cowslips still in flower.

Along the damp edges there was plenty of batchelors buttons too.

While walking along this wide path full of deep ruts we were passed by off road motorbikes , these paths criss cross the area and we are surprised how many there are. We will keep exploring as it’s great to uncover more things locally.

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