Tales of the riverbank

The Great Ouse snakes around Bedfordshire near our house with some impressive bends. It regularly floods in the winter and lots of villages have pavements on stilts. It is a magical view looking along the tree lined river, full of flowers and reeds with kingfishers and evidence of otters.

A stroll along the riverbank is full of interest, dragonflies, damselflies, mayflies to name a few. There are caterpillars, snails, beetles and spiders all in the narrow strip between the river and the field.

We are walking regularly here and it is interesting to come at different times and weather conditions. In the sun there are clouds of damselflies. In the evening they are hidden away resting.

Peacock butterfly caterpillars have hatched on the nettles and are getting bigger fast.

Each time we go an Egret is always fishing or sitting in a tree and each time it flies off as we arrive.

The fields to the left of the river are varied and mainly meadow with some butterflies in them.

A lovely place to explore, keeping up our search for otters here 😀

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