River Nene Ramble

We have had a lovely evening walk along the banks of the River Nene. Always on the look out for otters but none tonight . We did see plenty of wildlife on this walk. The river was looking lazy and beautiful in this very warm and still night.

Walking across the meadows at the edge of the river the grasses are tall and full of electric blue damselflies settling down for the night. They are hard to see in the photo but there are hundreds of them.

As we walked across the meadow something caught my eye. It was a tiny toad making it’s way through the grass. I expect there were lots of them if we had spent time looking.

This meadow was completely different a couple of days ago in the wind. The grasses were swishing and swaying in the wind and looked amazing.

At the end of this walk we spotted these bright cinnabar moth caterpillars.

A lovely walk with lots to see .

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