July has been all about the garden.

It has been a while since I posted on here. It has been a month of back to school, back to work and happily more normal. I have spent lots of time in the garden enjoying the greenhouse and growing simply hundreds of flowers and veg. We are now eating veg and enjoying the flowers.

The vegetables have been great, we have eaten plenty of courgettes, yellow tomatoes and french beans as well as broccoli and handfuls if strawberries for weeks. The garden is so full of plants it is a paradise for bees, hoverflies and butterflies as well as the dreaded slugs and snails !!!

We have also been out an about at the lake as the paths have been reopened and also down to the Forest of Dean which was full of flowers and wildlife.

As the summer moves on I am hoping to be out more exploring and preparing for issue three of the magazine in September and will be posting more regularly here. The garden is changing as new flowers emerge and others finish. I’ve collected the seed from calendulas and I’m enjoying watching the cleome open up.

Just loving gardening 😀

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