Felmersham after the rain

Felmersham Sits on the banks of the river Ouse and has a lovely bridge which in the summer is a spot for paddling, swimming and canoeing. After the rain the river was fast and high and was running a muddy brown colour.

We have often put our canoe in here and paddled up through tall reed beds full of lovely wildlife , dragonflies and kingfishers and people tell me otters( not seen one yet)

We walked along the raised up pavements ( lots of flooding in the winter) to a wildlife trust area of gravel pits that were dug in the 1940’s. They are a long string of lakes ranging from very large to pond size and are really interesting.

There are still plenty of leaves on the trees but the colours are changing daily and the flowers are fading. On this walk there was a lot of mud to negotiate after days of rain.

The fields have been ploughed and looked a lovely colour in the morning sun.

Back along the raised pavement and across the bridge. I though the mosses were really lovely on the bridge.

A nice walk early in the morning after the rain which had been keeping us in the house for days.

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