Water water everywhere

It has been so wet for so many weeks that the level of the local lakes are so high they have literally spilled over and are rushing into the river Nene.

We have been lucky here in this last period of rain that the flooding hasn’t affected houses as it did just after Christmas.

The footpath was straight across the centre of this quite fast flowing river of flood water.’

The rise in the level of the lakes has brought the swans and other water birds closer to the path as we walk round.

The woods have literally turned into swamps.

I noticed today that the herons are in the heronry on nests . The great egret flew over us landing on the far bank. There are large numbers of water birds on the lakes . The cormorants have increased in numbers and are always great to watch as the dive or sit drying their wings. I’ve also noticed the large numbers of squirrels running and leaping amongst the trees over the last few weeks.

At this time of year the Moss and the lichen are the high spots of colour . A recent walk at Oundle ( which also had plenty of flooding) had plenty of emerald green moss on the bridge. A high spot of colour on a really dull day.

At this time of year it is often the seed heads and structures from last year that catch your eye . On cold days they look really interesting.

Looking forward to the days changing and the spring beginning. More exploring needed , looking forward to it.

One thought on “Water water everywhere

  1. Thank you so much for this Rachel. For various reasons I am now Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and am having to stay indoors so to find this when I opened up my laptop this morning was a real pleasure.



    p.s. I think us poorly people should be classified as Clinically Extremely VALUABLE!



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