Wet feet

All walks at the moment are muddy and often through water . It has bought the lake and the river closer and closer together and the path is getting very narrow between them.

The swans were busy on the ‘new’ bank building an area of twigs and soil together.

A walk at Radwell needed the use of the raised pavements as the Great Ouse has burst its banks in a spectacular way. The floods are huge. The water is moving really fast across the fields.

A walk across the pavement

As we were on the pack house bridge at Radwell looking back a Range Rover made its way through the water. I was amazed , it had the high exhaust. We spoke to them as they landed in the bridge. They were grinning from ear to ear and water poured out the car as they opened the door.

Hoping for some drier walks soon and less mud . Thank goodness for welly boots !!

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