Chicks,chicks and more chicks

It has been a busy few weeks at the lakes in Rushden. There have been nests galore and now chicks exploring and discovering.

Very close to the shops on the boardwalk along the main lake right next to the bewitched coffee shop there is an area of reeds which is surrounded by raised previous years it would be dried up in this area by now. This year the lake has been so high that the area is a mini lake of its own.

In this small triangular area there has been a swan pair build a nest and this has been amazing to watch . They spent ages cutting down reeds with their beaks and building a huge island. For about 6 weeks they have been sitting on eggs. So far there is one cygnet hatched.

Along with the swans the close neighbours are a pair of coots. Their nest is much less grand they have had seven eggs and then seven chicks. They are down to three chicks now . The antics of the moorhens are interesting and they seem full of character.

On the other side of the area quietly tucked away is a moorhen nest. These chicks are tiny and fluffy and much harder to spot . They seem to enjoy the muddy areas.

The interactions between these three nests is interesting. The coots seem to be very interested in the swans nest. The swan sees them off . The swan has left the nest with the cygnet for a while . When she is not there the coots arrive and graze the nest. The coots and moorhens seem to often be in disagreement and having almost fights!!

It has been a lovely experience watching this process of nest – egg – chick. Lots of people have been coming to get and update. It is definitely better than a TV box set !!!

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