Batsford in glorious technicolour

October the 31st did not give a good impression as we woke up . It was grey , windy and raining hard. However the weather forecast from the met office promised that at 10.30 on the Cotswolds at Batsford there would be sunshine and a few light showers.

Putting our faith in the met office the four of us set off in search of colourful leaves after some rather tasty blueberry pancakes !

The weather threw everything at us ( I had volunteered to drive) rain , floods almost zero visibility!! Our positive thoughts were a little dented but as we got onto the Fosse way and headed into the Cotswolds the weather improved and as predicted by the weather app we arrived in sunshine .

After a coffee and very nice pumpkin and sultana cake we started to explore the arboretum. I have visited here many times but there is always something new to see and today did not disappoint.

The colours were so varied and vivid and leaves were glossy from the earlier rain.

Batsford is a fantastic place to visit and I will be back there soon.

You can find Batsford arboretum by driving through Morton in the marsh follow the brown signs . It’s about £8 for adults, the season ticket is fantastic value. The cafe is brilliant.

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