Spring has Sprung !

It has been a glorious Easter weekend with wonderful sights and sounds of spring. Good Friday started with a lovely walk at wareley woods in Cambridgeshire. These were full of bluebells at the first flush of blue with a wonderful scent throughout the woods.

The woods were also full of wood anemones and plenty of primroses and cowslips, false oxlips and even I think some oxlips.

There were plenty of brimstone butterflies flitting around and we saw several bee flies.

A walk on Saturday at the Lakes at Rushden in Northants was full of butterflies in the meadows amongst the milk maids. There were lots of orange tips, several peacocks and red admirals. There were lots of large bumble bees bumbling about.

The geese and ducks were busy making plenty of noise and swans were out in large numbers. This grey lag goose was full of character .

Walking back we stopped to look I. Another lake and we’re rewarded with a grass snake swimming between clumps of reefs which was brilliant.

Looking forward to more days out and about exploring in Spring .

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