That bluebell time of year

I love this time of year and one big part of this love is bluebells. They deliver on all fronts , eye saturating colour in swaths and carpets, sweet scent in the air and the extra happiness of spotting a white bell ( something we always hunted for as children out with Nanny and Grandad)

This year early in the bluebell flowering I visited a wood in Cambridgeshire I hadn’t been to before. It was a gorgeous day and we had our first picnic of the year.

The wood was a series of gently undulating long ridges. In amongst the bluebells there were wood anemones, cowslips , false oxlips and Oxlips.

We came across a tiny frog beneath the bluebells.

My next venture into bluebells was much closer to home to a woodland on a small ridge , a narrow strip really at Sharnbrook in Bedfordshire literally a few minutes down the road. This woodland has areas of real wet ground and ponds. It has large patches of stitchwort which were very lovely.

This weekend I’m hoping to see the bluebells on the sides of the Malverns , I caught a glimpse in the rain last year and they looked wonderful even through the downpour. Also hoping to see the bluebells in the Forest of Dean Roman road. Went last week but they were not out. Fingers crossed they will be tomorrow .

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